1. Building Design

  • Professional and efficient development of new construction or renovation plans that successfully resolve a client’s space planning and design requirements.

2. Facility/Building Analysis Existing Conditions Report

  • Evaluation of an existing building including components such as walls, windows, roofs, floor plans, room layouts, building science audits and equipment resulting in a summary report of the findings.

3. Code Analysis

  • Project-specific review of applicable codes including building codes, accessibility standards, energy standards, local zoning ordinances, land use plans, and other regulations.

4. Energy-Efficiency Assessments

  • Review of building components, insulation levels, heating and lighting systems, and operational features to assess current performance levels and opportunities for energy savings.

5. Feasibility Study with Cost Estimating

  • A report outlining options and associated costs for potential solutions to a stated project goal, for example, change of use for an existing structure. Often includes basic drawings or sketches explaining the solutions.

6. Space Planning

  • Graphic study showing arrangement of spaces, room layouts, and activities making up a floor plan. Studies will show room dimensions, shapes, number and types of spaces, and relationships (adjacencies) for all desired spaces. Multiple arrangements can be developed and evaluated for efficiency and functional success.

7. Site Planning

  • Development of site plan options showing boundary lines, potential development boundaries, building location(s), pedestrian access, sidewalks, parking, landscaping, lighting, surrounding context and other features.

8. Permitting

  • Production of drawings and permit applications necessary to submit for zoning or building permits. May include formal presentations to review boards or informal negotiation with regulators, zoning/planning administrators, fire marshals, and other officials.

9. Creative, Artistic & Technological Design

  • Imaginative, functional and aesthetic solutions to a client’s stated needs. Assistance with envisioning new, creative solutions to problems that have been difficult to solve.